Monday, February 20, 2012

mr. Gnome

Described by RollingStone to sound like: A spaced-out take on primal Midwestern post-punk. They tend to be labelled with such disturbing words as: schizophrenic, psychedelic, experimental... fortunately in the frame of the indie rock genre. So what can be more encouraging? I guess only the teaser to their latest album: Madness in Miniature.

Sounds like ethereal icelandic fairies being pummeled by concrete guitars in a dirty Cleveland parking lot.
AKA: awesome.
Nate Douglas - Paste Magazine

I hope, that this is enough for you to give it a try. Especially when they gave us the opportunity to listen to theiralbums for free. I really appreciate this as I don't like to buy a pig in a poke when it comes to music.

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