Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Dø

The Dø is a French/Finnish indie pop duo: Olivia Merilahti  and Dan Levy.
This is quite interesting cultural  combination which adds even more flavor to two unique musicians.
Describing their music Merilahti says: "Our music is minimal and maximal noise pop - or at least that how I describe it today, tomorrow it might be different!"
They relate to the difficulties and strengths coming from the differences they have to face in the duo:
"Creative differences are crucial in an artistic relationship. We have to keep that, otherwise things get boring and unchallenging. They can lead to big fights, but we both have such opposed musical backgrounds that these differences are usually beneficial, enriching and complimentary.
And they truly are!:

Interesting explanation for the band's name can be found in Wiki:

In a radio interview, Olivia Merilahti also stated that the name of the band refers to the Japanese Zen word Dō, meaning 'The Way'. Originally a translation of the Chinese word Tao, within the context of Zen it refers to the various active, expressive and creative methods an initiate can use to further their own understanding of Nondualism.

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Quotes from: The Culture Edit: The Dø

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