Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mother Falcon

Another band not willing to be directly labelled by standard genres. Meet Mother Falcon and their unique mixture of old fashioned: strings, percussions and horns embracing modern sounds of sensible pop and folk. 

Their sound is one of its kind as well as the whole concept of the band. Under lead of Nick Gregg even more than twenty musicians can play during the show. But this number is variable as the Falcons find an organic connection with one another amid diverse schedules, and that keeps the ever-shifting lineup balanced. 

Till now they released two albums. Five track EP, Still Life...

...and the full twelve track album Alhambra.

It is a journey worth its time, so grab a coffee or tea and let yourself be drawn to the magic of this baroque pop.

And what is the story behind the name? Good one:

Nick Gregg: It was lunch time senior year and the band -- it used to be a rock band before it was this, for like two weeks -- but we tried to come up with a name and I heard about a version of the movie '300' that they tried to make into a children's version; so [he'll say] "Go to heck" and "Welcome to Caketown" or whatever. And they had tried to do the same family adaptation to the 'Die Hard' film with Bruce Willis. And they altered his line from "Yipee ki-yay motherfucker" to "Yipee ki-yay mother falcon."

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