Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jack James

Quite a mystery for me as a matter of fact. On Jacks website you will not find a tones of information, but you can read the most unusual Bio ever:

Written by a friend 

"I'm going to include this in the bio." 


"I think it'd be a good way of introducing you as a person." 

"It's a bit self indulgent..." 

"Only a bit." 

I've known Jack James for years now, we tried to convince Glasgow that you could play some rock music without some kind of personality gimmick. We figured out that you pretty much can't. That's the real problem here, I can't go on about how he was born on a farm and learned guitar from the music box and made his first guitar from a wooden fence and shoe string. Nor is Jack James from the hardest streets of Europe's knife crime capital Glasgow, always wishing to break away from blood covered stairwells. 

Jack James is a regular dude, he learned guitar as a kid because he liked listening to good music and wished to make his own. He plays music to work out his feelings on life, love and friends. His first album "Lights off, headphones on" should be taken as directions for correct usage. Using minimal takes, a guitar and a microphone, he delivers starkly honest and emotional views on a century hell bent on creating mass consumable irony, evoking parallels to musicians such as Neil Young and Bon Iver. 

"Thanks for doing this anyway, it's weird having people write about yourself." 

"No Problem." 

"But I'll probably change it anyway."

Does this intrigue you enough to keep exploring? Hope so! Just click play than.

Jack is another generous artist allowing us to listen to his albums online. Take time to explore this opportunity and be prepared to be affected...

...same way as we were, when we found Jack on bandcamp or others where, when Leaving Town went viral through the exposure of Reddit.

Visit Jack's website:

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