Friday, February 24, 2012


Another stunning mystery - meet Daughter…

…this name hides a gorgeous singer/musician/songwrier - Elena Tonra.

Beauty has taken multiple dimensions in her world, reflecting itself in her music, poetry and simply…


So who is Daughter? Singer, songwriter, musician and… a graduate from the Professional Diploma in... Songwriting.Yeah, so shaking off the disbelief that such a faculty really exist-we have no other choice but to surrounder to the fact that she turned out to be a briliant student! Her music is simply irresistible and leaves a permanent mark on the listener…

Described by The Institute as…
 …an artist, Daughter tells tales of ghosts, drowning lovers and setting fire to her insides for fun. Her haunting voice and delicate guitar playing make her live performances spell-binding. She talks about unrequited love, lost hope and death… in the prettiest way imaginable.

If this is not enough for you to be convinced, try to listen to her EP His Young Heart.

Big thank you to Elena for your music and generosity of free streaming at

Find more about  Daughter at her MySpace.

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