Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Live Sessions At Studio Pigalle

Generally I am not a fan of the Live performance albums therefore I was not really interested when I got this message:

The Dø will soon embark on a North American tour in July and August in support of their album, Both Ways Open Jaws. To coincide with the tour, the band is releasing the digital-only album Live Sessions At Studio Pigalle on July 10th.

Live Sessions At Studio Pigalle includes live versions of key tracks from Both Ways Open Jaws, as well as two new songs – an original song titled “Mind Police” and an epic nine-minute version of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.” 

Ok, two additional tracks from The Dø it is something worth to consider. Epic long track it is something really exciting for me but the rest? It is bit like a hoary old chestnut, really great one but still only great hoary old chestnut... That was my opinion until my mind escaped to the parallel universe when I pressed play on this clip...

So, be carefull...

...or you may fall in love with it like I did... Now I am puzzled...

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