Sunday, May 20, 2012

It is not about Damien Rice...

Do you know Damien Rice?... I would be surprised to hear 'no' but regardless of the answer I recommend you to spend a minute with the mind blowing Volcano...

The truth is that I am not going to deal with Damien today. It is about more feminine sound. 
Anyway, if your answer to the first question was 'yes', I have some more. Have you ever wondered who is completing Damien beautiful songs with such a soft and delicate voice? If you are in the dark- I am content to share the response - it is Lisa Hannigan.

So, welcome in 'dry facts' paragraph...
Lisa Margaret Hannigan - 12.02.1981 - an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. From 2001 to 2007 she was a member of Damien Rice's band. In 2008 she started her solo career. So far she has released two albums: Sea Sew (2008) and Passenger (2011).
...and that was enough..

So I have quite of a hangover in here. Damien Rice lost its important part and I guess it was not so peaceful:
I suppose it was coming for a long time. I had become pretty outspoken about my frustrations at the direction the band was going in, and I'm sure he was starting to find me a pain.

So, what does it look like with Lisa solo?... I Don't Know...

... but I am glad that I was curious.

It has its kind of magic, great voice, cheerfulness in the performance and such simple and great lyrics. This song came from her debut. The next one is from the second album.

So now I Don't Know :] little bit more about the singer and this motivates me to not delve into the past and grieve over the loss to the Damien Rice band, he will manage. I am hopeful now as I saw the next bright point in the sky. You know; an object- so called... star.

More about Lisa Hannigan:

Her website:

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