Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When the noise is a beauty...

It is like fog... but the fog that you can hear. It will surround you, it will absorb you and isolate you. It will preoccupy your senses with claustrophobic gloom, desolation and non-confrontational state. Are you ready for it?...

...hats off the heads to 2:54 for this climatic experience.

2:54 are sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, joined in later on by Joel Porter on bass and Alex Robins on drums. Their debuted with 7" On A Wire/Cold Front in March 2011, then released the Scarlet EP in November 2011 and Single You're Early in April 2012. Their debut self-titled album is due for release in May 2012.
It is pointless to try to cage 2:54 in particular style. Their sound is a complicated mixture of styles sneaking between different definitions. Grounge, punk, shoegaze... None of them, all of them... and it sounds great!

Thus, the question is: what can we expect from the full album? They set the standards high... so I keep my expectations high and fingers crossed.

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