Sunday, April 1, 2012

Me and rap?

Me and rap? Well, somewhere there in the basement lies the cassette tape of Mc Hammer, the past willingly buried. Except that? Streets, Just Jack, Nelly Furtado... I am not really sure if I classify them correctly but there is not much more to be put in this bag of mine. Moreover, this is not the land I know and visit often, simply not my thing...
Yet I was seduced from the very first sound...

...or should I say - first recited word...

Dessa - Margret Wander is most notably known as a member of the Minneapolis based Doomtree Collective. Fortunately for the listeners though, she decides to record her solo albums, among which you can find Castor and The Twin. Thus- even if me and rap are not the best buddies, Dessa has the means to bent the reality by 180 degrees for me. Her album is a mysterious landscape of the spoken word art, poetry and interesting musical arrangements. This leaves me no option but sooner or later (and sooner is preferrable..) introducing her workshop to he Quarterwave's air.

I surrender! 

For more about Dessa:

Doomtree website:

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