Sunday, April 22, 2012

Donora defines 'Happy to be alive' music

Donora is an Indie pop-rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The trio consists of a drummer Jake Hanner, his younger sister- vocalist/guitarist Casey Hanner, and a bassist Jake Churton. Their self-titled debut album was released in December 2008. 
History of the band's name is a history of a road sign spotted by Bethany Hanner, drummer's wife. That was the sign pointing direction to the little town- Donora.
Before formation of the band, none of the members visited the town until sometime later, when they performed there as a part of the town celebration.
So these are some dry facts about them and now let me show you why I am writing about the trio... click play to enter the good mood zone...

...are you with me?

Melodic? Cheerful? Does this revive your mood? Does your soul start to dance? Did they manage to lift your spirit? Are you singing with them even though you do not know the lyrics...? My personal answers are Yes! and this way I am  defining Donora as pure light rock-pop indie. 'Happy to be alive'- music I would dare to say.

In 2011 trio released their second album Boyfriends, Girlfriends. So what has changed after almost three years?...

Even more fun seems to be the right statement as the album is of revitalizing energy bursting between the notes and beautifully crafted lyrics. Melodic guitars, synths, and keys, hearth driving drums and bass lines all a smooth match up with the lyrics about love and relationships. And on top of that you just feel good listening to what Donora has to sing...

Take the opportunity they give us and explore the sound of the Boyfriends, Girlfriends. It is worthwhile  and rewards you with great mood if you just let it to do so...

More about Donora:

Their website:
YouTube chanel: Donora Music

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