Sunday, March 18, 2012

Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. At very young ages, their father introduced them to music and encouraged them to join the school band. Julia played the trumpet, Angus the trombone and their older sister, Catherine, the saxophone.
They also learned many songs from their father's cover band "Backbeat" during band rehearsals in the family's garage.

Angus and Julia began to collaborate on their musical endeavours in early 2006. Prior to that, both performed as solo artists. In terms of composing material, they write on their own, then work together on structure and harmonies.

Most impressive, though, are the songs – simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile.
Johnny Sharp 

As a band new and happy owner of Down The Way and Memories of an Old Friend I can't disagree with Mr. Sharp...

Source: Wiki on Angus & Julia

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